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Why A House Call?


There's No Place Like Home

That's a saying that has been around forever.  And it's just as true for our pets as it is for us.  Maybe even more so!  After all, many of our pets know little beyond their own front yard.  Even those who do enjoy venturing out certainly know that home is where everything and everyone they care about most will be.  At All Pets Veterinary Home Care we understand, appreciate and respect this bond and use it to our favor in order to provide our patients with the highest quality Veterinary Care in the comfort of their own homes.

Everyone Benefits From In-Home Veterinary Care

While remaining in the comfort of your own home is the common benefit among all members of The All Pets Family, there are a seemingly infinite number of scenarios in which In-Home Veterinary Care is the clear answer.  Here is a small sample of actual reasons for which clients have chosen Our Practice for their pets and for themselves:
Patient Reasons For Choosing ALL PETS
  • Cats with an aversion to carriers/cages
  • Pets with a tendency to become ill during a car ride or nervous away from home
  • Pets who may not fare well in a waiting room full of ill or aggressive animals
  • Pets with certain medical conditions that can be exacerbated with excitement or with alterations in their usual routine (ie. cats with urinary tract disease or pets with seizure disorders)
  • Exotic pets who are more fragile & sensitive to changes in weather or environment
Client Reasons For Choosing ALL PETS:
  • A busy schedule that makes a half day trip to the Veterinarian's office difficult
  • A client with small children who can make running errands difficult
  • A client with large or multiple pets
  • A client who does not drive & must deal with the hassle of arranging transportation
  • A client who wishes to keep their pet healthy by not exposing them to ill patients
  • A client who understands the value of their time & would simply rather spend their time at home relaxing or catching up on their endless "To-Do List"

You may even have your own unique reason for joining The All Pets Family and, if so, we'd like to hear it!  Regardless of your reason for choosing us, we are confident that you will appreciate the convenience, efficiency & compassion that we provide.

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