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All Pets Testimonials

When you become an All Pets client, you become a part of The All Pets Family! See what others are saying about us...

"As a medical professional, I am extremely picky when selecting a Vet for my cats. Dr. John is not threatened by my asking any question and in my opinion he is honest, sincere and really is all about the pet and its care."

Shari Woods, Cat owner & breeder (Norwegian Forest)


"I first chose All Pets because my dog did not like going to the Vet's office. Dr. John & his assistants are awesome with my pet. He is more comfortable in his environment. I have referred several friends to Dr. John and they are all happy with All Pets."

Theresa Williams (& Amos)

"We had an older dog who fell down the stairs on a summer weekend and could not initially move. Our regular Vet was unwilling to help without us getting the dog to the office, potentially hurting her further. Dr. John responded within 1 hour and helped despite never having met us prior to that day. He has always treated our pets with complete care and compassion and is always available to answer questions or provide suggestions between visits. Not having to transport our pets to an office spares them and us unnecessary stress."

Diana & Kevin Kresge

"My dog, Kodi, was diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of 12. I knew that it was just a matter of time before I would have to make the tough decision that all "pet parents" have to make as the beloved member of their family enters their final days. I wanted his final days to be as painless and carefree as possible. I did not want to put him through the experience of going to a Veterinarian's office after all that he had been through. It was at that time that I called Dr. John asking for his help through the process. He treated Kodi with medications that gave he & I more time together. For six months we walked, played & ran at the park daily. When Kodi no longer wanted to run & play I knew the time had come to end his life. Dr. John came to our home and, with the greatest of compassion, peacefully ended Kodi's life. He passed quietly as I held him. I will be forever grateful to Dr. John for giving Kodi the dignity that he deserved at his final moments."

Anita Evans


"Dr. John is the best Vet I know. I knew him when he worked at a local office and I was very upset when he left. But I found him again and have been with him for years! I am very happy with All Pets."

June Rice (& Tasha)
Johnson City

"Dr. John & Nicki make my pets' medical needs so stress free. Alicia is an excellent contact person. I always get my questions answered and my appointments meet my schedule. We recently lost our beloved Lab, Mandy. Dr. John gave us 3 years of unconditional love by providing home care when Mandy blew out her left hind leg. After being told there was nothing to be done by another Vet service I called Dr. John. He gave us advice on how to care for our pet without surgery or putting her down. He then came to our home and provided outstanding care. When the end came Dr. John & Nicki provided our family a personal, private experience in our own home. Mandy was in her home surrounded by her loving family. There are no words to express how thankful we were that she passed in our arms in her own home.
We are blessed to have Dr. John for our newest addition to our family, Molly. We hope he will be there for her for all of her medical needs as she grows & ages."

Karen Ciulla & Family

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