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An All Pets Managed Care Plan Is The Simple & Cost-Effective Way To Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy All Year Long!  Sign Up NOW!

All Pets Managed Care Plans:
Many of our clients choose All Pets for more reasons than simply convenience & comfort.  Life is hectic for everyone these days and, as a result, often times the healthcare needs of our pets becomes overshadowed by other priorities.

Even if it is simply forgetting to renew that box of heartworm preventative when it runs out, this can lead to unnecessary stress, cost and most importantly, susceptibility to disease.

To help our clients avoid either of these scenarios so their pets can receive all of the recommended wellness care & preventative measures we offer The All Pets Membership Program

There are 3 Levels to The All Pets Membership Program, as you can see below.  While the recommended Level for each pet depends upon several factors including their age, overall health & the client's goals for their pet's Veterinary Care, ALL 3 Levels offer the following:

  • Enrollment in The All Pets Membership Program
  • FREE GIFT with enrollment
  • Personalized Reminder System For Your Pet's Care
  • 1/2 Price Visits (if needed in addition to those included in your particular plan)
  • 10% OFF ANY All Pets purchase of any kind for 1 year (including medical services & pharmacy items that we offer)
  • FREE Shipping on any All Pets purchases
  • 10% OFF Membership for any additional pets


2017 Membership Levels:

Silver Membership: $495/year (Recommended for healthy pet, 5 years old or younger)

  • Annual Physical Examination
  • Vaccinations (any recommended & desired)
  • Heartworm/Lyme/4DX Test (Dogs)
  • Feline Leukemia Virus/FIV Test (Cats)
  • Intestinal Parasite (Fecal) Test
  • Body Condition Scoring & Weight Evaluation
  • Nail Trim
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Ear Clean
  • 1 Year Supply of Heartworm & Intestinal Parasite Prevention


Gold Membership: $595/year (Recommended for healthy pets 6 years old & older)

Same Benefits As Silver Membership PLUS

  • Annual Wellness Laboratory Tests Including
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Serum Chemistry
    • Thyroid Hormone Level
  • Additional Visit Included In Plan

Platinum Membership: $795/year
(Recommended for dogs over 8 years old, cats over 10 years old & any patients with chronic medical conditions requiring monitoring &/or treatment such as those with Diabetes, Thyroid Disease or Kidney Disease in which complete evaluation is recommended at least twice yearly.)

Same Benefits As Gold Membership PLUS

  • Second Wellness Laboratory Testing At 2nd Annual Visit


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