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Hello.  My name is Dr. John T. Shokoff and I am the owner of All Pets Veterinary Home Care.  In 2008 I was at a crossroads.  I had been practicing Veterinary Medicine in the traditional hospital setting for 6 years and was ready to go into practice for myself.  I had gained a tremendous amount of knowledge & experience in the field but I had also learned firsthand how counterproductive conventional Veterinary Care could be.  Stressful car rides, exposure to ill & potentially aggressive animals and cold, sterile exam rooms were just a few examples of the problems that coming to see me actually caused my patients.  I knew there had to be a better way to provide my patients with the care they deserved without causing them unnecessary anxiety or threatening their health or well-being.  Just by luck, I happened to see an ad in on of my journals for a book that taught Veterinarians how to start a House Call Practice and I knew that I had found my calling!

That was nearly five years ago.  All Pets Veterinary Home Care opened in February 2008 and since that time we have been providing our patients with the highest quality Veterinary Care in the comfort of their own homes.  Now your pet can receive all of the benefits of Veterinary Care without any of the drawbacks associated with a trip to the Vet's Office.  Whether in need of routine wellness care or a discussion regarding end-of-life options is necessary, we are here for you.  And when you join The All Pets Family we will (start italic) always (end italic) be there for you!
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